Lubricants has a fundamental duty to prevent or reduce hunger as a result of direct contact between two metal surfaces rubbing together so that hunger can be reduced , a large force is needed due to friction can be reduced and the heat generated by friction would be reduced . Lubricants can be distinguished type / its kind based on the base material ( base oil ) , physical form , and intended use

liquid or fluid in the machine that serves to protect the machine while working, supporting engine performance and avoid damage to the engine when the engine is running. The function of the engine Oil as lubricating the engine, engine protectors, cleaners and cooling the engine, whereas the function of lubricant to reduce friction, as a refrigerant and as the piston with seals the gap between the cylinders.

with its many decades of experience to develop the high performance motor oils for the Motorbikes with Japanese Motorbike manufacturers, has developed a rationalised product portfolio in Europe, which includes the Performance Racing Oil for high power motor bikes on the circuit and on the road.

ENEOS Transmission Fluids have been formulated based on many years of research and development work with the Japanese and Korean transmission builders. ENEOS fluids are made by JX Nippon Oil, the primary Factory Fill supplier to Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai and other Asian brands. While other fluid suppliers make products based on their best guess at the Asian specifications, ENEOS fluids are made knowing the exact targets set by the Asian Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Includes Industrial Lubricants, Metal Working Fluid, Grease & Solvent